Naval medical Institution of the German Navy
Flottenarzt Dr. med. Ulrich van Laak
Kopperpahler Allee 120
24119 Kronshagen
Tel.: +49
431 - 5409 1740

Test drive submarine 32
Now t
he German Navy has oxygen-hydrogen fuel cell powered submarines. Under the experiment troops Thomas Bohnhorst took part in a long-term immersion experiment and conducted psychological investigations of the crew and workplace studies.
During the ride S32 established the world record for non-nuclear-powered submarines with a diving time of 300 hours and covered a distance of about 1125 nautical miles.

Naval telemedicine
To ensure medical care for its soldiers at sea the German navy is using the technology of telemedicine. In addition to the technical care of the base at the naval medical institution situated in Kronshagen Thomas Bohnhorst was responsible for the design of the technical documentation on which the technical training of the ship-doctors and sanitary masters was based.

Emergency standby
For the emergency treatment of diving accidents the German navy has a medical pressure chamber in standby with a pre warning lead time of about
60 minutes. To ensure the chambers availability Thomas Bohnhorst supported the technical team.